What’s in it for ME?

Benefits of renting to own

Move into your home today: Our program allows you to start enjoying your home today while you improve your credit to qualify for your own mortgage and you save your down-payment.

Take control of your future: don’t let a bank tell you that you are not allowed to own your home.

You are never forced to purchase the home: An option to purchase gives you’re the right to buy, but not the obligation.

Time to improve your credit: Our program will help you determine how long it may take you to qualify for your mortgage and it will allow you to move into your new home today while you improve your credit.

Rent will not increase during the program: the rent remains unchanged during the entire program so you can better manage your budget.

Time to build provable income: If you are self-employed you can enjoy your new home while you improve your credit profile.

Landlord cannot sell and force you to move: an Option to Purchase Agreement legally protects your right to purchase your home at the end of the program at the agreed terms. A Landlord is obligated to respect the terms of the agreement.

Accumulate your down-payment: our program can be described as a “forced savings plan” for your down-payment.

Test community or home before buying: our program allows you to try a new community or home with little money down and before making the investment of buying a home.

Future price of home is locked-in: you can stop stressing over ever-increasing house prices and can better manage your budget knowing how much your home will cost in the future regardless of how much the house market goes up or changes.

First mortgage will be easier to obtain: completing our program successfully will show lenders your new discipline to manage your budget and credit. It will reflect how responsible you will be as home owner.

Start building equity immediately: you may enjoy instant equity in your home when/if you buy your home from us because the market price may be higher than the price we lock in today.

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