Future Homeowners

Do you dream of owning your home but have been denied financing because of credit issues or because your down-payment wasn’t enough?

We offer you an alternative so you can transition from being a renter to becoming a home owner.

Our Rent-To-Own program will set you on your way to owning your home. Our team of experts will design your individual program so you can begin enjoying your home… today.

We bring together a group of professionals and investors to create customized solutions for individuals who wish to own their home, but are not be in a position to obtain financing from lenders because of credit issues or insufficient down-payment. At Legatto Management Ltd. we provide an affordable and easy approach to home ownership.

Our team of expert professionals share a commitment to excellence in service, thorough industry knowledge and extensive experience. Above all, we believe that our client’s best interest should always be the guiding principle for each program we design. We will always act in a professional and honest manner.

In the journey of purchasing your home, having access to knowledgeable professionals is critical to a successful and rewarding outcome. Legatto Management brings together all the resources necessary to get you in your own home as soon as possible. You will benefit from the expertise and guidance of mortgage brokers, realtors, insurance brokers, property managers and so many others.


Our goal is your success!


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