Selfish or genius?
Selfish or genius?

I decided to go on a mini retreat to “find myself”. Nothing is wrong with me, really. But with life being so hectic I just found myself bouncing family, business and personal goals with absolutely no purpose. No strategy.

As a mom of 4 and wife of one (my husband could pass for another child at times) it seems like everyone else’s needs are before mine. While this puts me on the run for ‘Mom Of The Year’ or perhaps on my family doctor’s list of ‘Most likely to have a nervous breakdown’, reality is that I allow everyone else’s needs and priorities to come before mine. Call it a martyr or just weak of character… I prefer to see it as a person with poor planning. So here I am three hours away from home, with no kids, no husband and even more daring, no smartphone! All this to give me the time, space and silence I need to focus on me, my needs, my priorities and my business plan.

As business owner, family leader, professional and/or everything in between, it is critical to take some time to re-evaluate your current situation, decide on any needed changes and, most importantly, include them in your future calendar with specific tasks…. No matter how thorough your next big plan is or how well-intended your new priorities are, without realistically scheduling them into your life, you might as well do nothing and save yourself the expense associated with taking a break from life.

As far as me goes, I feel re-energized and with exciting and clear goals ahead of me. In the next two days I will be creating my master plan on how to execute my new and re-vamped business ideas into a realistic agenda between business meetings, investments and soccer games.

How do you strategize? Do you have a system to check the temperature of all your endeavors? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Until next time,


Thaily Toral-Garcia

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