Carbon Monoxide Alarms - make the best use of them
Carbon Monoxide Alarms - make the best use of them

Carbon monoxide is known as the "silent killer" because it is odorless and tasteless. More than 50 people die each year in Ontario from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

I am pleased to see that the Provincial government has passed a regulation making Carbon Monoxide alarms mandatory in all residences. Please see 

As property manager, our first priority is ensuring the safety of the families who rent from us. In doing so, we had already been using carbon monoxide alarms for a long time in our properties. :)

We take this opportunity to remind you to always make sure your alarms (Carbon Monoxide and Fire) have working batteries in them or are always plugged in (depending on the type you have). A good reminder is to change your batteries whenever the time changes in the Spring and Fall.

Carbon Monoxide alarms work best if placed closer to the ground as carbon monoxide travels low. However, even if you place them mid to high level (wall or ceiling), it will always be better than not having one. We suggest having them in all floor levels, but at least one in the basement close to the furnace location and one on the second floor where the family sleeps.

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Thaily Toral-Garcia

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